Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request forms are available on the district website (shiloh1.us) or on any school business day at:

Shiloh CUSD #1 Unit Office
21751N 575th Street
Hume, IL 61932

FOIA requests may be received on any school business day by mail, personal delivery, fax, e-mail, or other printed means.

Call 217-887-2364, ext. 6, if you have questions or need assistance.

Submit FOIA requests to:

Elizabeth Harbaugh or Teresa Hawkins
Freedom of Information Officer
Shiloh School District #1
21751N 575th Street
Hume, IL 61932

The Shiloh School District #1 began serving the population of six small rural villages and their surrounding countryside after consolidation in 1994.

The Shiloh district is governed by a Board of Education comprised of seven elected-at-large members with an operating budget of approximately $4,000,000.00. The district employs 60+ employees.

The primary industry for the greater Shiloh community is agriculture; however, district residents travel to surrounding population centers to work in diverse endeavors.

The school district covers over 227 square miles in the counties of Edgar and Douglas. The towns served by this district are Brocton, Hume, Metcalf, Murdock, Newman, and Redmon.

Grades PreK through 5 attend the Shiloh Elementary, and grades 6-12 attend the Shiloh High School. The Shiloh Elementary and the Shiloh High School are located in the same building in Hume, Illinois. The Shiloh Campus is a closed campus.