A high school diploma will be awarded to each senior who passes the minimum of 28 credits, which must include the following requirements:

  • Four (4) credits of English Two (2) credits of Writing3
  • Three (3) credits of Mathematics4 Two (2) credits of Science
  • Pass Consumer Science (1/2 credit) Pass three (3) credits of Physical Education
  • One-half (1/2) credit Driver’s Education One-half (1/2) credit of Health ¨ Pass American Government 1½ Social Studies credit
  • Pass United States History
  • Pass electives in foreign language, music, art, or vocational area

A student may take only nine (9) Shiloh Junior/Senior High School classes in a semester. A total of no more than four (4.5) credits per semester (nine (9) credits per year) may be earned from Shiloh Junior/Senior High School. Early graduation shall be permitted