A high school diploma will be awarded to each senior who passes the minimum of 28 credits, which must include the following requirements:

¨Four (4) credits of English Two (2) credits of Writing[1]

¨Three (3) credits of Mathematics[2]Two (2) credits of Science

¨Pass Consumer Science (1/2 credit) Pass three (3) credits of Physical Education

¨One-half (1/2) credit Driver’s Education One-half (1/2) credit of Health

¨Pass American Government 1½ Social Studies credit

¨Pass United States History

¨Pass electives in foreign language, music, art, or vocational area

A student may take only nine (9) Shiloh Junior/Senior High School classes in a semester. A total of no more than four (4.5) credits per semester (nine (9) credits per year) may be earned from Shiloh Junior/Senior High School. Early graduation shall be permitted.

Valedictorian and Salutatorian

The Valedictorian will be the student with the highest GPA after 8 semesters. The Salutatorian will be the student with the second highest GPA after 8 semesters.

Semester Exam Waiver for Seniors.

Seniors who have maintained an “A” or “B” in a course for the semester, may be exempt from the semester course exam.

Exemption Guidelines:

1.The student must maintain an “A” or “B” cumulative semester average in the class.

  1. A student cannot miss more than three (3) days of school per semester. Students with two (2) or more unexcused absences within a semester will be required to take all semester exams.

3.Students are allowed three (3) college days for the year which will not count toward absences.

4.Dual credit courses are required to take a final exam.

5.All school fees must be paid in full

A high school diploma will be awarded to students attending an alternative school who meet the minimum requirements set by the Illinois State Board of Education.

The Superintendent or designee is responsible for:

1.Maintaining a description of all course offerings that comply with the above graduation requirements.

2.Notifying students and their parents/guardians of graduation requirements.

3.Developing the criteria for #4 above.

4.Complying with State law requirements for students who transfer during their senior year because their parent(s)/guardian(s) are on active military duty. This includes making reasonable adjustments to ensure graduation if possible, or efforts to ensure that the original (transferor) school district issues the student a diploma.

5.Taking all other actions to implement this policy.

Certificate of Completion

A student with a disability who has an Individualized Education Program prescribing special education, transition planning, transition services, or related services beyond the student’s 4 years of high school, qualifies for a certificate of completion after the student has completed 4 years of high school. The student is encouraged to participate in the graduation ceremony of his or her high school graduation class. The Superintendent or designee shall provide timely written notice of this requirement to children with disabilities and their parents/guardians.

[1] One of which is English, the other may be English or another subject.

[2] Students must complete 3 years of Mathematics, one year must be an Algebra 1 class and one year must be a course that includes geometry content.