Students eagerly attend school excited by the acquisition of knowledge; social interactions with staff and peers; and contributions they make to the community.

Students recognize they are responsible for their education with the support, coaching, and mentorship of school staff and the community. As a result, students are active in all aspects of school and have personal satisfaction and pride in their growth and accomplishments.

Because the school is a major component of our community and the strength of both are linked, students seek opportunities to engage with the community realizing that they contribute to the success of their community through their actions.

Shiloh Fosters:

  • Inclusion in community
  • Competency in navigating daily life
  • Confidence in their ability to think critically, solve problems, and make decisions resulting in a lifestyle of their choosing.


Our mission is to recognize the unique talents of each individual and to create an environment where learning has no boundaries. We are committed to providing opportunities which support the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and aptitudes that will enable all individuals to be confident, life-long learners and responsible citizens of a changing world.