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The Home game seasons for Shiloh JH Basketball (Boys and Girls), Shiloh JH Volleyball, TCT HS Basketball (Girls and Boys) and TCT HS Volleyball is upon us - and I am looking for folks to help work the games at Shiloh.  Not only do you get to watch your kids play, but there will be a small stipend paid to you as well!  We have the following jobs available:  Clock/Scoreboard keeper (for both Volleyball and Basketball games); Score Book keepers (for both Volleyball and Basketball games) and Libero Tracker (for Volleyball games).

For Thursday's (8/25 at 6 pm) Home TCT HS Volleyball game at Shiloh, I am needing someone to handle the Scorebook and someone to work as the Libero Tracker.  If you can work those positions, please call or text me (217-508-3817) or call the School Office and let one of us know.  The stipend for each of the jobs will be $25 - please contact me right away if interested in tomorrow's game.

As far as the rest of the season goes, I have a schedule that I have shared with school staff and am waiting on their responses.  However, if no one responds to those dates, I will be looking for others to work them - parents, etc. included. Those jobs will pay $25 each per event as well for those regular season games.  

I have attached YouTube links below that show how these jobs work and how to handle the equipment and scorebooks involved.  Please take a look and let me know if you are interested - or, contact me if you have questions.

Thank you!!!  Rich Knofsky, AD

For Basketball Games:

How to keep the Basketball ScoreBook:

How to run the Basketball Clock/ScoreBoard:

For Volleyball Games:

How to keep the Volleyball ScoreBook:

NFHS Volleyball Scorebook and Libero Tracker Training:

How to run the Volleyball Clock/Scoreboard: